Dimensions [noun]

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In this portrait of tiny dimensions the Prince is represented in fancy costume, after the manner of Holbein.

The prophet sees in a vision the rebuilding of the temple: the dimensions of several parts thereof.

It sloped inward and downward into a wider opening that was almost like a small chamber in its dimensions.

To those who are unaccustomed to view fossil remains the dimensions of some of these seem almost incredible.

"That they do, my hearty," interjected Larkins, pointing to an inflamed eye that had not returned to its right dimensions.

In his fifty-third sermon, the dimensions of matter have astonishing properties.

So that, besides the allegory, we have four dimensions of matter instead of three.

The purpose of these generous dimensions was to prevent the wooden chimney from burning.

If so the normal dimensions of the acre may very well have been quite different.

They have, in most instances, grown by general process of extension to their present dimensions.