Diminuendo [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Diminuendo:

He could be heard fumbling with the reins at the gate, and then the sound of hoofs came in diminuendo as he rode away.

The office people gave it to me, and never do I look but with a shiver at this dumb record in diminuendo of agony and sacrifice.

He used to suggest a diminuendo by crouching down more and more, and at a pianissimo he would almost creep under the desk.

The sonorous tones of the Chinese gong, manipulated with so cunning a crescendo and diminuendo by Lind, boomed through the house.

The sound did not die away entirely in its slow diminuendo until the mules had passed the range six miles to the west.

It no longer roared upon the shingles, but sank in a long diminuendo, drawing further and further away across the prairie.

The saw was ripping through a series of knots in alternate crescendo and diminuendo.

He was still shouting his declaration of outlawry, and the diminuendo of tone indicated that he was running like a deer.

Cicada 194 droned in long, loud crescendo and diminuendo under the hot sun of mid forenoon.

The noises that have raved from earth to heaven, from horizon to horizon, are dropping from crescendo to diminuendo.