Dimmer [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dimmer:

If I want a dimmer beam, all I have to do is tap the side of the light instead of fumbling with a button.

When it comes to lighting, dimmer is always better for lowering stress and getting you ready for sleep.

His form became more and more clearly outlined, while that of the angel became dimmer and dimmer.

As the ends of the logs burned away, the fiery ring at the center grew wider and dimmer.

Fainter, sweeter and sadder the music wailed out; dimmer and dimmer paled the lights; all hushed their breathing to watch.

Arcot watched the dull red spark of Sirius become increasingly dimmer.

The light in the window grows dimmer and suddenly disappears, leaving the house in total darkness.

The crackling fire swelled again into a volley, and the red blur made by the uniforms of the advancing English became dimmer.

The light grew dimmer and dimmer to an extraordinary degree until it waned to a misty gray.

Eyes not so bright as once, dimmer to-day for tears; hair sprinkled with gray.