Dimness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dimness:

Screen brightness is a big battery drain, and low power mode will dim your display accordingly.

In the dim light, Jack sees his sister standing on a bridge over a creek.

As Science News astronomy writer Lisa Grossman reports, shutdowns of major telescopes as a safety measure during the pandemic have stymied efforts to solve the mystery of the dimming star.

So in late 2019, when the bright star suddenly dimmed for no apparent reason, Montargès was a little alarmed.

Although Democrats control the House, Republicans’ longtime skepticism about changing antitrust law could dim the chances that Cicilline’s proposals are adopted.

He saw her dear face peering through the dimness at him, the eyes burning like two dark precious stones.

Scrambling, sliding, worrying in the dimness, I finally reached the less precipitous slopes of the base of the cliff.

He blew out the match and looked back at the stairs lost in the dimness of the hall light.

The origin of such commercial unions is lost in the dimness of antiquity.

Again and again she wandered against thicket or trunk in the dimness of the trees, but the way led on, and she did not lose it.