Dimpled [adjective]

Definition of Dimpled:

curved, depressed

Synonyms of Dimpled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dimpled:

Sentence/Example of Dimpled:

May looked along at the dimpled grace, And then at the saint-like, fair old face, “How funny!”

She had bright auburn hair, dark hazel eyes, a fair complexion, and a "dimpled chin."

Smiles dimpled every face, and low tones of happiness murmured indistinctly through the room in every pause of the music.

I have seen more alligators than you can count fingers and thumbs on your little dimpled hands.

Her pretty arms were bare, or rather only slightly veiled with long lace mitts which reached above her dimpled elbows.

She sat with her hands 'neath her dimpled cheeks,(Butter and eggs and a pound of cheese) And spake not a word.

Its knuckles were dimpled like a baby's, the fingers taper and beautifully formed, and the nails perfect.

Moya rolled up her sleeves to the elbows of her plump dimpled arms.

It seemed dreadful to pronounce fate, even in make-believe, on that dimpled, smiling bit of humanity.

"Pretty mamma," whispered the dark-eyed child, patting her pale cheeks with his dimpled, white hand.