Dine [verb]

Definition of Dine:

eat, often formally

Synonyms of Dine:

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Sentence/Example of Dine:

After we had engaged our rooms, we drove back to the hotel where Liszt was staying, and where we were to dine immediately.

“Master and Mr. Pickwick is a going to dine here at five,” replied the fat boy.

We dine late, and as there are a good many boarders, it takes some time always to change the plates.

At the office he very wisely told the story to the other gentlemen there, with whom he was to dine next day.

I've heard my father say that at the big hotels at Atlantic City and other places they have a band play while the people dine.

The whole of our gunroom officers dine with us, and we flatter ourselves that we shall end the day as happily as we have begun it.

Father is to have a farm in Mayfield, mother is to go to Europe, and Dine is to have diamond ear-rings!

If your state of health deprives you of appetite, it is bad enough for you to decline the invitation to dine out.

The celebrated Suvaroff, the Russian commander, treated him with great kindness and invited him to dine.

This day several of the officers and midshipmen of the Doris accompanied us to dine at the governor's, at half-past four o'clock.