Diners [noun]

Definition of Diners:

casual restaurant with varied menu

Opposite/Antonyms of Diners:


Sentence/Example of Diners:

When he saw it and noted its bigness, he gave Alaeddin ten diners, which he took, and the Jew went his way.

The diners looked out on the pigmy furnace smokestacks punctuating the dun smoke-mist.

Regarding herself and her chums, the departing 121 diners had a very clear idea.

He supplies no numbered voucher, and cannot possibly tell at which tables some six or seven hundred diners will be seated.

The coffee and liqueurs brought the diners to the stage of embraces and assurances of mutual affection.

And Ditmar, gazing around over the heads of the diners, spied in an alcove by a window a little table with tilted chairs.

The room was brightly lighted, and at many white tables sat diners, all men.

Then he took his stand behind Andrew, waiting and watching the diners as becomes a well-trained attendant.

Bean observed that incoming diners anxiously made way for her.

The crowd of diners had grown thin, now, and he could see clearly the little group at Tanya's table.