Dinghy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dinghy:

Meanwhile, all on board the Wellington who had telescopes applied them to their eyes, and watched the progress of the dinghy.

So there we were, marooned, half a mile out to sea, in a tiny dinghy on which the Turks again switched their blarsted guns.

I was truly glad, and, borrowing the dinghy from the mate, I pulled on board the newly-arrived ship.

They had become very clever boatmen during their stay, using a small dinghy to make coastal journeys.

I had wirelessed asking for a dinghy to be sent down, which would enable Hamilton to do more marine work; and it now came to hand.

Blake and Hamilton went to Sandy Bay in the dinghy on the 6th in order to complete some work.

Hamilton, Blake and Sawyer launched the dinghy and pulled out to receive the mails, which they brought ashore for distribution.

Blake and he had an accident in the dinghy on the 29th, fortunately attended by no serious results.

Mr. Hope thinking Lotus' mainsail too big for her, hoisted one belonging to a dinghy, the other boats starting closely reefed.

It was an empty boat, a sort of dinghy, bobbing and butting along beside the rocks a little way down the shore.