Dinginess [noun]

Definition of Dinginess:


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Sentence/Example of Dinginess:

He had an aide track the poster down to a dingy bookstore in Hollywood and fly it back to the East Coast courtroom in time for closing arguments.

They are not reddish: they are brown, to which grease and dinginess add not a little.

It is another Arrangement in Black in which critics could then discover but dinginess and dirt.

But this dungeon had ample compensations for its darkness and dinginess.

Despite the dinginess of his costume, Mr. Dootleby was a handsome old man, and he looked very out of place on the Bowery.

There is something cheery in its very dinginess, and something free and elfin in its very insignificance.

For all its dinginess and its picturesque disorder there was something infinitely beguiling about the room.

The dinginess of the house had not struck Miss Mackenzie so forcibly when she first visited it, as it did now.

His eyes shone out very clear and blue in contrast to the general dinginess of his attire.

Southampton is a very pretty town, and has not the dinginess to which I have been accustomed in many English towns.