Dining [verb]

Definition of Dining:

eat, often formally

Synonyms of Dining:

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Sentence/Example of Dining:

The dining tables had all been removed to one end of the hall, and the chairs ranged about in rows and in clusters.

A view of the duchess's ball-room, or of the dining-table of the earl, will supersede all occasion for lengthy fiddle-faddle.

Each evening Mr. Levi was in attendance, and this day, according to rule, she went down to the grand old dining-room.

Mrs. Irvin has decided to consult a palmist or a hypnotist or some such occult authority before dining with you this evening.

The old dining-hall had shared in the general decay, and been shorn of all its ancient honours.

The dining room was for the souls of the locals, who could admire the desert more conveniently than find a good meal.

As they left the room to go upstairs Lady Hartledon came out of the dining-room and crossed their path.

Jorgensen's gambling room was different from the bar and dining room as they were from each other.

He gave his mother several groups in stone for the dining-room; they are all funny, Sue says.

But he did not notice a silent figure creeping up to the window of the room in which the rest were dining.