Diplomacy [noun]

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It is one facet of a unique Georgetown effort, the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics — a blended unit of drama and diplomacy that seems especially well-suited for a nation divided against itself.

It was the first time Reagan engaged in personal diplomacy with a Soviet official.

Beijing has crushed Washington at vaccine diplomacy — a painful reality that Zelensky discussed in the "Axios on HBO" interview.

Mask diplomacy has now given way to vaccine diplomacy—but not only of the positive kind.

Horn was pushed out by Time Warner management in 2011, at age 68, to make way for younger leaders, and the next year would find a new act at Disney, which needed his diplomacy skills to finesse its own talent relations after a rocky period.

China’s aggressive form of diplomacy is helping to create a new genre of patriotic political art—and one of the foremost proponents of Beijing’s “wolf warrior” brand of international relations is already making use of it.

They have already been using vaccines to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people in China, and they are certainly going to use the vaccines as a tool for diplomacy, allowing some countries to have priority access.

America, meanwhile, is still at the starting line in this game of vaccine diplomacy.

To effectively reach audiences in these countries, American diplomats and leaders must use other platforms, says Ilan Manor, a digital diplomacy scholar at the University of Oxford.

As the leaders of the free democratic world, I traveled the world with the arts and then you know how strong we are … cultural diplomacy is one of our most powerful tools.