Diplomatic [adjective]

Definition of Diplomatic:

politic, tactful

Synonyms of Diplomatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diplomatic:

Sentence/Example of Diplomatic:

However the talks which led to the joint statement on establishing full diplomatic relations took just 29 days.

The United States normalizes diplomatic relations with China.

On Monday, Kushner told reporters that establishing diplomatic ties with Israel was in Saudi Arabia’s interests, even though such public comments only discomfit Riyadh.

Since then, an internal struggle has been under way for control of the country — a struggle that has turned into a proxy war involving Russia and Turkey, with military, financial or diplomatic support divided among at least seven other countries.

Among these campaigns, the Sixth Crusade is noteworthy because it actually allowed the namesake Kingdom of Jerusalem to retain control of significant parts of Jerusalem for 15 years through diplomatic efforts, as opposed to military successes.

Uncle David had none of that small diplomatic genius that helps to make a good attorney.

The box of the diplomatic corps was just opposite us, and our gay little Mrs. F. sat in it dressed in white satin.

The diplomatic section shall negotiate with the foreign cabinets the recognition of belligerency and Philippine independence.

This pretty, resolute, sharp girl had suddenly become an important piece in the great game of diplomatic chess.

The different motions or interferences of the members of the diplomatic body scarcely concern this period.