Dippy [adjective]

Definition of Dippy:


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Sentence/Example of Dippy:

He always did seem a trifle cracked, and to-night he's certainly dippy.

"The guy's dippy all right, cull," remarked the nearest sleuth to Jarvis, who nodded most seriously.

He had sharp eyes, had old Mr. Loon, just as Dippy has today, and he used them to good account.

He thought uneasily that she had certainly gone a little dippy over the war.

"Why, I thought you were dippy over your 'dear school' and your 'sweet teachers,'" sneered Frank.

Mr. Dippy took the twenty-five dollars eagerly and vanished into obscurity.

If he was out-and-out dippy and didn't know it, he'd be all right.

They're dippy about Jane out there, so be sure and read her up.

You bet I made you out a dippy, said Dickie with much satisfaction.

If I didnt know you as well as I do, Id say youve gone plumb dippy.