Dipsomaniac [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dipsomaniac:

The present Duke had none of the spirit or sense of his ancestors, and was, moreover, a dipsomaniac.

The drunkard who drinks in spite of himself is, strictly speaking, a dipsomaniac, and is diseased and insane.

In a small room on the roof lived a Hindustani hospital assistant—the gentlemanly dipsomaniac whom I have already introduced.

If Fate had really marked him out for a dipsomaniac, was it any use his fighting against what must inevitably be his destiny?

There Grogan succeeded in convincing him of the folly of engaging in a street argument with a dipsomaniac he did not know.

It was generally believed that he was a dipsomaniac, sent to the west of Ireland to be cured.

The dipsomaniac, even if he escape the horrors of a death by delirium tremens, falls a victim to paralysis or heart disease.

The sorry dipsomaniac was sobered-up in the usual way and instructed in the process of Fletcherizing.

Why do they not ring the bell and remove the dipsomaniac prize-fighter?

I liked him very much, but, unlike most Mahomedans, he was a dipsomaniac.