Dire [adjective]

Definition of Dire:

urgent; crucial

Synonyms of Dire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dire:

Sentence/Example of Dire:

Through interviews with children and other relatives, we learn about a warm and loving person who was fully accepted on her own terms by a wife and kids that stayed loyal despite an unstable and often dire lifestyle.

The commission predicted that the future would be bleaker and that there would be dire consequences for the state’s economy if sweeping changes were not made.

If we don’t have clear and convincing answers to those questions, then the bill creates potentially dire consequences for the internet we know and love.

Salsman allegedly told her the situation was dire — she might face jail time — but he could still represent her in exchange for sex, according to state prosecutors.

The president faces many dire challenges, but in one way, he has it easier than Obama did.

The pandemic’s burden on women has also been quantified nationally, and the data are dire.

The result has been a patchwork of problems for rural hospitals, which were already at far greater risk of closure than other health care facilities and in dire need of help, The Frontier and ProPublica found.

In short, the United States must rearrange its priorities and spend more money on the most dire and most likely threats.

Officials ordered Liu to accept 50 patients within hours of her arrival, despite a dire shortage of medicine, PPE and ventilators.

She first tried to gather DNA from La Brea’s dire wolves years ago.