Directed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Directed:

There was not a moment to lose, for one well-directed shot might exterminate half of us.

He directed the Ninth Symphony, and played twice himself with orchestral accompaniments.

The mind is not allowed to be directed to anything in particular in reading over the pairs.

The Intellect is‌ directed into a particular channel, but to keep it there, all intruders must be excluded.

Ripperda's attention was next directed to put his plan of escape, in train for execution.

He directed the brief letter to the Marquis de Montemar, and left it on the table.

He directed them to this city, together with other letters written by the inhabitants and religious.

And Mrs. Haggard, after attempting to soothe the wounded feelings of her maid, directed her to accompany them.

Parochial church of the port of Cavite and the souls directed therein.

Sangley missions of the diocese of the archbishopric of Manila, and the number of souls directed in them.