Directives [noun]

Definition of Directives:

command, instruction

Synonyms of Directives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Directives:

Sentence/Example of Directives:

As his directives went unheeded, the King determined to force a drastic reduction in the planting of the profitable tobacco crop.

Too many directives and counter-directives were flooding at him from various officials on Earth.

By 18 February all had issued specific directives for enforcing it.

Finally, the fourth step may involve changes, for clarification, in the directives formulated in the third step.

However, if subsidiary tactical problems were also involved, tactical directives will frequently be included.

In such event each new basic problem will initiate a new series of problems, with corresponding directives, as described above.

Third step: In the third step, the directives, if the basic problem was strategical in nature, will be of a strategical character.

This procedure facilitates not only the determination of the necessary operations, but also the later formulation of directives.

Often, however, because of extent and bulk, these solutions are included with the directives as annexes.

Effective action by the subordinate is thus not delayed by the absence of complete written directives.