Directorate [noun]

Definition of Directorate:

persons running an organization

Synonyms of Directorate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Directorate:

Sentence/Example of Directorate:

A directorate has its own staff, and it is headed by someone who generally reports to the national security adviser.

Dawn Meyerriecks, who heads the agency’s science and technology directorate, says the best-case scenario is that the agency’s research and development could end up paying for itself.

One discovers it still as vigorous under the Directorate as if there had been no revolution.

But in 1855, when Sir Joseph joined his father in the directorate, it had grown by successive additions to 70 acres.

It is only once in a generation that a man like Harriman, who can bend a whole mighty directorate to his absolute will, arises.

Such were the principal changes made in the ascriptions of the pictures during Sir Edward Poynter's directorate.

Thereupon Colonel Thorp rose and begged leave to withdraw his name from the directorate of the company.

They cooperate in an intimate relationship which may be compared to an interlocking directorate.

Coming on top of a hard fight with the new directorate, a fight which he had finally won, Washington was disheartening.

The parents were induced to visit the teachers; visits led to the confessional, and the confessional to the directorate.