Directors [noun]

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With the announcement of the thirty-six directors, it was possible to proceed to the active opening of the institutions.

Probably the chairman and directors of the company were also present, but our eyes were not for them.

Directors were to us junior clerks, remote personalities, mythical beings dwelling on Olympian heights.

In the case of the Midland—they appointed a committee of inquiry, and the directors assented to the appointment.

His directors esteemed him highly, and the officers of the company were all sincerely attached to him.

In the afternoon Mr. Wainwright had an important meeting of his directors to attend.

Very soon I induced my directors to adopt the view that the railway company must encourage and help the project.

He was indeed a faithful old servant; but he was quite ignorant of any memorial on his behalf having been sent to the Directors.

My directors heartily approved and other interviews followed.

That he was an autocratic chairman, his brother directors, were they now living, would I am sure attest.