Directory [noun]

Definition of Directory:

reference book; guide

Synonyms of Directory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Directory:


Sentence/Example of Directory:

ASTA’s consumer website, TravelSense, also lets you browse its directory by agent specialty.

If you are not using the Yoast SEO plugin, download and install it from the WordPress plugin directory.

Podcast directories and hosting services are loath to open the Pandora’s box of content moderation.

Some liken nameservers to the phone directory of the internet.

Which can then be combined, producing scores for directory levels, or hostname level, for example.

Sometimes face recognition cameras are even hidden inside in mall directories.

All you need is the following information, and then you can start creating accounts for various directory sites.

As soon as your directories, your website and other online listings don’t show your actual phone number, your ranking will suffer.

Peng met Ma through her husband, Sun Tongyu, when they worked together at China Pages, a Yellow Pages-like online directory Ma set up before Alibaba.

In Russ’s examples, all files, including component files, are located in the project base directory.