Dirge [noun]

Definition of Dirge:

sad song

Synonyms of Dirge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dirge:


Sentence/Example of Dirge:

As he sees it, the long days of illness have turned his life into a tedious, meaningless dirge with nothing to look forward to other than its end.

And old Sanders again tapped in the rhythm of a dirge on his parchment-bound cranium.

Nature seemed to lie stark and stiff and dead, and that accursed craake her dirge.

She sat where he had left her, and was crooning again the weird tuneless dirge at which Marto had been appalled.

It certainly looked as if a true prophet was writing that dirge!

Even the sea birds that circled around them seemed screaming a dirge.

"Poland's Dirge," one of his most famous works, is called the most funereal song in existence.

They accompanied their labors, as if for his funeral dirge, with screams and sounds inimitable but by savage voices.

After that follows another wail, a solemn dirge, over the Egyptian multitudes which have passed into sheol.

She did not answer, but went on, in a tone which was a soliloquy rather than an exclamation, and a dirge rather than a soliloquy.