Dirt [noun]

Definition of Dirt:

grime, impurity

Synonyms of Dirt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dirt:

Sentence/Example of Dirt:

Then finally, 125cc and above have manual clutches and four-to-six-speed transmissions, putting them the closest to full-size dirt bikes in terms of required techniques.

This scooter has a dedicated press button for easy folding, a mudguard to protect from any flying dirt, and rubber handles for a secure grip.

For your equipment, a quick scrub with soapy water removes any dirt or grime, and a spray of your rubbing alcohol spray will bust the remaining bacteria.

With every warning, I’d get on the dirt bike and check on the fire.

They confirmed the idea using synthetic urine and faux lunar dirt.

The phone also gets “sweeper technology,” a set of interior brushes designed to keep dust and dirt out of the hinge mechanism that first debuted on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip six months ago.

Nichols threw a few things into a duffel, loaded his dog, George, in the Jeep, and drove down the dirt road, aiming south.

Over the millennia, the shafts filled with dirt and became overgrown.

He walked first to one side, and then the other, rooting in the dirt with his funny, rubbery nose.

Then a shower of dirt flew into their faces and both Jolly Robin and his wife tumbled over backward.