Dirtiness [noun]

Definition of Dirtiness:

dirty state

Synonyms of Dirtiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dirtiness:

Sentence/Example of Dirtiness:

All these different objects fully make up for whatever amount of dirtiness may occasionally be met with.

They're all a flash in the pan, and moonshine and dirtiness.

They combine personal vanity with an inconceivable degree of dirtiness.

Squal′idness; Squal′or, state of being squalid: dirtiness: filthiness.

Compare the dirtiness of the water in which you have washed when it is cold without soap, cold with soap, hot with soap.

The first thing that strikes you on entering it is the general look of dilapidation and dirtiness.

The passenger who occupies the cabin is, between ourselves, a fellow of great dirtiness.

My only defense is that a passenger—a fellow of dirtiness, monsieur the captain—brought it with him.

Whilst idleness and poverty entered, dirtiness naturally entered also.

The same thing that did for their fathers will do for them, the same dirtiness, the same inconvenience.