Dirtying [verb]

Definition of Dirtying:

cause to be soiled

Synonyms of Dirtying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dirtying:

Sentence/Example of Dirtying:

An officer ought to be able to show his men how to do everything, and he can never do that if he is afraid of dirtying his hands.

Keep your hands from dirtying the cloth, and dont wipe your nose on it, or dip too deep in your cup.

And a little fellow said, "You can't do it without dirtying your hands, and it doesn't hurt us anyway."

Destruction on you, you nasty hag, is it dirtying Mary's Well you are?

He would do anything to make money; and he didn't in the least mind dirtying his hands in the making of it.

I am going to make Bob Bangs pay for dirtying my boat, and he can pay for the lost berries, too.

Youths have been seized as soldiers for kicking up the dust in front of a sentinel and dirtying his clothes.

Now keep yourself tidy and dont go messing about and dirtying your hands: the people are coming to congratulate you.

They are still used to save dirtying the stairs when goods are delivered.

He praises the king for eating without a fork, yet conversing at the same time and never dirtying his clothes.