Dis [verb]

Definition of Dis:

to denigrate

Synonyms of Dis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dis:


Sentence/Example of Dis:

Dis whole job is a pipe, wit' us havin' a Monitor gun to open dat armored truck.

And I should kick the bottom out of dis crate just because you don't like the looks of somebody behind us!

She's in de play-house I made her, jess dis side de graves, whar she sits an' plays.

She couldn't larn, an' de Lord took her whar dey don't ask what you knows,—only dis: does you lub de Lord?

Dis goes on fer a long time an' finally one day in de spring I sets on de porch an' I hear a roar.

Near 'bout a hundred an' three years done passed over dis here white head of mine.

My pappy made a good crop of corn, wheat an' other food on dis land.

He wouldn' touch 'bacca, but he kept er twis' of dis bark in his pocket mos' all de time.

Mis' Roby went down to dis house one day, an' when she opened de door, dare lay er Yankee sojer on de floor.

Day walk round jes' lookin', jes'lookin', All de da'kies know whut dis mean.