Disability [noun]

Definition of Disability:

disadvantage, restriction

Synonyms of Disability:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disability:

Sentence/Example of Disability:

If they’re designed well, for example, AI-based learning tools have been shown to improve children’s critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and they can be useful for kids with learning disabilities.

Central Aroostook Association, a Presque Isle nonprofit that helps children with intellectual disabilities, switched to the co-op last year to save 20% on its health premiums, said administrator Tammi Easler.

Users with disabilities might also want to compare their statistics to their non-wheelchair-using friends.

Anyone from an underrepresented group — including people of color, women, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities — is welcome to apply to be a mentee.

MTS changed its vetting process in March 2011 after the agency reported a spike in the number of seniors and people with disabilities with reduced-fare passes.

Other people have loved ones with disabilities—or disabilities themselves—that makes it hard to leave, either because it’s physically a challenge or because they worry a shelter won’t be able to meet their needs.

Participation as justice is a long-term commitment that focuses on designing products guided by people from diverse backgrounds and communities, including the disability community, which has long played a leading role here.

In many people, the disability has lasted for months, and because the disease is new, nobody knows how long these symptoms might persist.

We’ve started improving our website’s accessibility for people with disabilities.

The motion is part of a broader lawsuit alleging rampant abuse by staff against individuals with disabilities incarcerated at the state prison.