Disable [verb]

Definition of Disable:

render inoperative; cripple

Opposite/Antonyms of Disable:

Sentence/Example of Disable:

When the researchers experimentally disabled a host’s FT gene, dodders no longer flowered.

Power down your laptop, Socrates urges, disable Slack, and talk.

For starters, disabling NANOS2 does not definitively prevent the surrogate bull from producing some of its own sperm.

The bacteria then use Cas9 to cut the DNA apart, which disables the virus.

Even though disabling the Google search box might sound like a bizarre idea, I recommend considering this in particular cases.

No doubt the legion had suffered a defeat; but not such as to disable their continuance of the contest.

The main thing is to disable one's antagonist as quickly as possible, and Festing knew that Wilkinson would not be scrupulous.

But how do you disable a smooth-surfaced turtle-backed machine?

To disable the pilot of the opposing aeroplane will be the first object.

This extra fatigue may possibly disable his horse, so that the animal cannot proceed further.