Disablement [noun]

Definition of Disablement:

reduction of weapons

Synonyms of Disablement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disablement:

Sentence/Example of Disablement:

Facebook also disabled key parts of its service, such as the forwarding of messages, group recommendations and political ads, ahead of the election.

In lieu of disabling the cameras, the vendor responsible for them at the time instead simply cut off the city's network access to the devices.

They did not receive an explanation for the decision to disable their page.

My objective is to go in there with the best intentions of my life and disable my opponent, and that’s just what it is.

Although it increases security, it disables a number of key Zoom features.

Mozilla is hoping strength in numbers will help convince Facebook and Twitter to disable two key features that it says help spread misinformation during the presidential election.

Google said it has disabled the “Request Indexing” feature of the URL Inspection Tool within Google Search Console.

If I disable my web and app activities from being tracked, Google Assistant tells me, “For help with that, you’ll need to go to the Google Home app and turn on web and app activity.”

It also gets interesting new features on a regular basis, like the new Break Mode, which will stop media playback, hide the content from your tabs, and disable all of the browser’s features and menus.

Users who do not want cross-app messaging between Instagram and Messenger will have the option to disable it.