Disaffection [noun]

Definition of Disaffection:

alienation, estrangement

Synonyms of Disaffection:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disaffection:

Sentence/Example of Disaffection:

Two days before the Americans arrived a native regiment was suspected of disaffection.

A degree of discontent, approaching, if not amounting to disaffection, has gained considerable ground.

Did we pledge ourselves to the support of an airy nothing—a bubble that must be blown away by the first breath of disaffection?

The defences of Quebec were in bad condition, the garrison was small, and there was much disaffection among the inhabitants.

Disaffection, fomented by some secret, unknown cause, was spreading among the officers of the Army.

Hopes of a success to be gained through French disaffection were as ill-founded as those based on American loyalism.

Sicily, though hostile to the French, was discontented with the existing government, and disaffection there was feared.

The cry of disaffection will not, in the end, prevail against the principle of liberty.

He had long been established as Governor of Entre Rios, where he had acted with remorseless cruelty in stamping out disaffection.

It seemed that both were prepared for disaffection and disturbance among the populace.