Disagreed [verb]

Definition of Disagreed:

be different

Synonyms of Disagreed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disagreed:

Sentence/Example of Disagreed:

“What we’re suggesting EPA has by no means agreed or disagreed to,” Tetzlaff said.

On Tuesday, she decided not to sign it, continuing to disagree with the school system over whether in-person teaching should be optional for all teachers.

There is something undeniably Christian about trying to better understand other people, even those with whom we might disagree.

Confounding the situation further, a purely theoretical estimate for the rate, published in 2016, disagreed with the 1997 laboratory measurement.

No matter what I say, she has to one-up me, or disagree with me.

Readers will find much with which to agree, disagree and consider in these pages.

Akella, the plaintiff, agrees that TJ’s student body is too homogenous but disagrees with the superintendent and the school board on how to improve the situation.

There are a truckload of policies and issues on which I would disagree with Ortiz Jones and I will not try to tell voters in her district which way to lean.

That means going to a news source that might lean the opposite way you tend to, or reading the tweets and press releases of politicians you disagree with.

It said the national progressive group Justice Democrats had “all but revoked” its endorsement of Gómez after she disagreed with it on matters regarding Israel.