Disappearing [verb]

Definition of Disappearing:

vanish; cease

Opposite/Antonyms of Disappearing:

Sentence/Example of Disappearing:

The long cavalcade is seen disappearing down the hill, while away in the distance is Portsmouth Harbour with its crowded shipping.

He fared badly in business, suddenly disappearing a short time after the grand ball given by Birotteau.

Here watches were put up for redemption, disappearing after they had hung their allotted time.

They never came within miles of her, this fleet, beautiful, and disappearing yacht.

The sun was just disappearing on the horizon, when the Apaches finished the last duties to their brothers.

But the lights grew more distant; he saw them disappearing towards the harbour.

He approached Valmond, who was moving on towards the Louis Quinze, with appreciation of a time for disappearing.

Attracted by a rustling sound in his direction, I looked up just in time to see his heels disappearing under the nearest bed.

He spoke of the fictitious quarries, of the railways on paper, of the chimeric liners disappearing in their own steam.

Jack Harvey sprang from his seat and shook his fist in the direction of the disappearing boat.