Disappointing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disappointing:

The final margin was a throwback to the disappointing Super Bowls of the 1980s.

It might be disappointing, but you may have to build up your tolerance so you can finally play titles like Halo or Apex Legends.

In September, the company posted disappointing earnings, which Gill lampooned as a “Chernobyl experience.”

It’s disappointing that this year, the academic medicine community seems to have shrugged its shoulders.

Wizards forward Davis Bertans had yet another disappointing shooting night, going 3 for 12 from three-point range, but he scored a critical 11 points.

The letters I get from customers are because of an exciting or disappointing interaction with a human.

Clearly, Pederson is the one taking the heat for Philadelphia’s disappointing 4-11-1 season, and it appears Lurie’s vision for the team next year didn’t match Pederson’s.

So it was kind of disappointing, kind of sad to learn something like that.

“It’s very disappointing what is going on right now in our nation’s capital,” Northam said.

Guard Joel Bitonio, the longest-tenured Brown who outlasted 0-16 and 1-15 seasons to make it to the postseason stage, also received the disappointing diagnosis and won’t get to play.