Disapproved [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disapproved:

Deeply as they disapproved of his politics, they respected his independence and were inordinately proud of him.

Notwithstanding these successes, the Dutch government disapproved of Count Maurice's administration.

Sir Alexander Pepps recommended leeches to the throat: Mr. Brook disapproved of them.

Yet those who disapproved of that system found no illustration more practically effective to illustrate their argument.

He disapproved, also, of that part of the plan which confined relief and employment to the workhouses.

The government, he said, had disapproved of the debentures issued by the local governor, ami they had been withdrawn.

The majority of the King's Council disapproved of this draft of Charter, and directed the preparation of a second draft.

The king, while fully acknowledging Clive's services, thought him guilty of "rapine," and disapproved of his virtual acquittal.

He adopted the maxims of the romanticists, but disapproved of almost all the works of art in which they were embodied.

His people had utterly disapproved of the journey, but they acclaimed him joyously on the two days' progress to Burgos.