Disapproving [verb]

Definition of Disapproving:


Opposite/Antonyms of Disapproving:

Sentence/Example of Disapproving:

She somehow felt like a confederate in crime, and tried to look severe and disapproving.

When the reply came from Rome, disapproving of the action of the two prelates, Father Sevilla was released from prison.

Gwynne was standing in his doorway, looking more asleep than awake, and intensely disapproving.

The Church, the nobles, and the gentry then turned one grand, all-disapproving frown upon them and shriveled them into sheep!

The conversation had come, by some devious route, to Vegetarianism; and the clergyman was disapproving of it.

How can you hope to please Him by such barbarous actions which He can not help disapproving of?

"If you tell me to I s'pose I must, but I think it's a wild-goose chase anyhow," was the disapproving answer.

Far from disapproving of these recreations, the cur partook of them and travestied himself with the rest.

The resolutions disapproving the proposed amendment were passed unanimously, both in the House of Delegates and Senate.

"Chunky, go in and pay for that banana," commanded Tad, glancing up with a disapproving frown.