Disbanding [verb]

Definition of Disbanding:

break up

Synonyms of Disbanding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disbanding:

Sentence/Example of Disbanding:

The voices of Edna's disbanding guests jarred like a discordant note upon the quiet harmony of the night.

The pamphleteers who recommended the immediate and entire disbanding of the army had an easy task.

For such reasons as these the disbanding of the forces was strongly recommended.

The difficulties and disturbances occasioned by the disbanding of the operatives in the national workshops at Paris began.

The bill for the disbanding of the army passed with little opposition through the House till it reached the last stage.

It was with no common pain that he admitted it to be necessary for him to give his assent to the disbanding bill.

The work of paying up and disbanding the contingent portion of the force was quickly carried out.

Had this disbanding been deftly suggested to the facile King by his friend, the arch-schemer of Naples?

No cessation of hostilities short of an end of the war, and the disbanding of all forces hostile to the government.

The same spirit of unrest was shown in the difficulties encountered in enforcing the Ordinance for Disbanding the militia.