Disbarment [noun]

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All told, one-fourth of the 161 lawyers disbarred, suspended or reprimanded for misconduct in Maine in the past decade were contracted by the commission, according to disciplinary records and a data analysis of state records.

"Electrocuted by his own machine rather than face disgrace and disbarment," cut in Craig.

Within a week, not only were the judge's difficulties relieved, but the proposed disbarment proceedings were dropped.

A failure, of course, meant disbarment from the Andover game—the loss of Stover, who was the strength of the whole left side.

"They both tumbled into the lake," fired in a freshman who never should have spoken, but was too new to know of her disbarment.

Yet Mr. Tutt had brought disbarment proceedings against many lawyers in his time and—what is more—had them disbarred.

Disbarment is an extreme penalty in both countries, inflicted only for moral turpitude amounting usually to crime.

A suit for libel and disbarment proceedings were started against him.

"And disbarment proceedings about to be instituted," finished Latimer.