Disbeliever [noun]

Definition of Disbeliever:

person who is leery, unbelieving

Synonyms of Disbeliever:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disbeliever:

Sentence/Example of Disbeliever:

Disbeliever in miracles, he was face to face with a miracle.

But you know that a great many things are allowed now that were once forbidden to the True Disbeliever.

Facts will remain facts, the most exacting critic and disbeliever notwithstanding.

He had declared to the world that Lincoln had died a disbeliever, and, what was worse, he had proved it.

If he did, this fact will afford no evidence to Freethinkers that he was a disbeliever in Christianity.

Christians themselves coined the word Infidel, and they have used it to denote a disbeliever in Christianity.

This was disheartening, certainly: and we do not wonder that Mr Plant became "a total disbeliever in these 'simple tales.'"

Wilson had been a professed disbeliever in revelation, and many a time had argued with me for hours at a time.

John Doane listened, at first with the smile of the disbeliever, then with more and more uneasiness.

She was a disbeliever in colds, anyhow, and all winter long she slept with the windows open and the steam-heat off!