Disburse [verb]

Definition of Disburse:

spend money

Synonyms of Disburse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disburse:

Sentence/Example of Disburse:

It has already raised and disbursed several hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to groups it has vetted.

Some forward-looking governments and central banks are combining the two, by using digital technology to disburse funds quickly and efficiently, and unlocking more data about the shape of the economic recovery.

An analysis of preparedness grants disbursed by FEMA shows the agency spends far more on counter-terror than natural disasters.

There are new FEMA grant programs for 2020 that will disburse $660 million in funding for what the agency calls “pre-disaster mitigation,” focusing on resiliency against flooding and the relocation of vulnerable communities.

They try to preserve the link between employer and employee by disbursing financial aid through firms rather than through the unemployment system.

He ridiculed the notion that King Philip either could or would freely disburse 600,000 crowns on the mere word of Cobham.

Better disburse $25 or $50 in procuring sound expert advice than spend weeks, months and years chasing a mirage or will-o'-wisp.

Dont disburse sterilized charity, then, but keep hard-hearted.

Their maintenance should not be a burden to the nation; he himself would disburse all their expenses from his private purse.

And the question is, which section in this country can you trust to collect and disburse that revenue?