Discerned [verb]

Definition of Discerned:

catch sight of; recognize and understand

Opposite/Antonyms of Discerned:

Sentence/Example of Discerned:

But sufficient can be discerned for the grasping of the idea, which seems to be a representation of the Nativity.

As yet such have not been discerned, which may be due to the fact that they have not been carefully looked for.

In the Distance she discerned a Shepherd, playing upon his pipe for the dancing of his favorite Goat.

Looking more narrowly she discerned upon the pedestal the simple exclamation, "Et mon coeur!"

Indeed there was not much to be discerned but a black moving mass, slowly coming out from under the walls of the pier.

The chin, full and square, evinced the same qualities, which might also be discerned in the general form of the head.

A special reason may be discerned for his desire to obtain such an increase at the end of 1766.

After each shot from the ironclads, clouds of dust can be discerned rising above the fort and mingling with the smoke.

No one could assure himself positively that he had discerned the slightest motion on the part of the stranger.

She was not rich—that could be easily seen; but not the slightest mark of negligence was to be discerned in her dress.