Discernible [adjective]

Definition of Discernible:

recognizable; distinct

Synonyms of Discernible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discernible:

Sentence/Example of Discernible:

It’s astonishing enough that a sea turtle can navigate across thousands of miles of open ocean, with no discernible landmarks, and wind up in the correct place.

I still think the HDR images lack impact in the shadows—Apple seems afraid to lose even the tiniest bit of shadow detail to add any discernible drama.

Some may have no discernible symptoms but will still be infectious.

Scientists had hoped any weather-related patterns in its spread would be discernible as the months dragged on.

This indicates that the age distribution of the infection remained pretty much the same at the time of the two peaks and there has been no discernible change in IFR on account of shielding older people.

The signs of a reaction of feeling were discernible both in and out of Parliament.

Dark forms were discernible close at hand and were those settlers apportioned to defend the fort.

In the half-darkness a little machine three feet high was discernible; it was provided with a spring wheel.

But of the face which was now rising to within a few inches of his own no feature was discernible, only hair.

The western shore was still discernible, but too far off to enable us to see whether the Indians were still there.