Discharged [adjective]

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Instead, lithium ions increasingly fail to find their way back into their slots in the crystal during battery discharge.

This certificate provides information about the circumstances of the discharge or release.

Every living organism sheds DNA, whether in body cells like skin cells or in discharges like urine and feces.

Medicare counts as a readmission any of those patients who ended up back in any hospital within 30 days of discharge, except for planned returns like a second phase of surgery.

If you have multiple felony convictions and were incarcerated, you must wait two years from your date of absolute discharge to apply for your rights to be restored.

It also includes several recommendations to better control industrial wastewater discharges in Tijuana, increase resources and assistance for wastewater collection and treatment in Tijuana and continued joint water quality monitoring.

Studies have started among patients after discharge from hospital.

Arrived at the dépôt, I discharged my porter, sat down and waited for the place to open, with ample leisure for reflection.

The second barrel was discharged with no better result, except that a splinter of its horn was knocked off.

His duties as Pipe-master, Hennemann discharged with great fidelity; yea, even with genuine fanatical zeal.