Disciplinarian [noun]

Definition of Disciplinarian:

person who makes others work hard

Synonyms of Disciplinarian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disciplinarian:


Sentence/Example of Disciplinarian:

He was a loving, indulgent father, and the girls adored him, but no sterner disciplinarian ever held sway.

"I am a very strict disciplinarian, as Lulu here can testify," laying a hand affectionately on his daughter's shoulder.

The leader must be an excellent dancer and a firm disciplinarian.

Energetic gentleman, severe disciplinarian, offers English instruction to boys and girls of fair age.

This trust he merited, for he was a very active officer, but he was a rigid disciplinarian and very severe.

It should be recorded in his favor that General Braddock was a strict disciplinarian in the army.

Dr. Halley was a good classical scholar, impulsive, unsystematic, and by no means a severe disciplinarian.

The Sergeant hesitated, for he was too much of a disciplinarian to fly in the face of regular orders.

In some respects he was a sterner disciplinarian than would be generally approved of.

Captain Fitz-Roy of the "Beagle" was a disciplinarian, and absolute in his authority, as a sea-captain must be.