Discomforting [verb]

Definition of Discomforting:

irritate; cause pain

Synonyms of Discomforting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discomforting:

Sentence/Example of Discomforting:

He texted Kelly, asking if she had peppermints to try to curb the discomfort.

It might seem logical to avoid exercise-related discomfort by eliminating certain movements altogether.

Obviously it would be better if she faced her discomfort, squared up and made nice.

After all, embracing open-ended discomfort is exactly what endurance athletes do every day in training, so it makes sense that they have a high pain tolerance.

Despite the initial discomfort, she’s eaten out three more times since then — though you wouldn’t know it from her Instagram or other social media accounts.

Right now, the time between planning the event and the event itself allows you some intellectual distancing, which means you can lay out a structure that maximizes comfort and minimizes discomfort.

He wanted to be without it and its discomforting reproaches.

But he became aware of something unusual and discomforting in the atmosphere, and when his grandmother said sternly, "Sit down!"

They bent to the gale and pressed on, Gard with a discomforting remembrance that the Coupée lay ahead.

Another very discomforting surprise was in store for the cruel Huns.