Discommode [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Discommode:

Any screaming being done on this end is into a pillow, so no one is discommoded!

The boys shouted to their animals, who flew across the plain as though the snow did not discommode them in the least.

For this end it was necessary to discommode myself of my cloak, and of the volume which I carried in the pocket of my cloak.

I objected, for I did not wish to discommode him in the least and told him a good bed could be fixed in the mess wagon.

Neither did the old folks discommode themselves in town, and the young couple resided on the second floor.

"I'm sure, Saunders, that it won't discommode me in the least," said his lordship genially.

“I fear I shall discommode you:” it is better to say, incommode.

You can keep watch if you want toan it wouldnt discommode you no more n if you was an owl.

To ask for a guarantor for a reputable resident is simply to discommode two people instead of one.

An air of breathlessness about Rachel seemed to discommode her friends.