Disconcerting [verb]

Definition of Disconcerting:

shake up; confuse

Synonyms of Disconcerting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disconcerting:

Sentence/Example of Disconcerting:

Greene did say one thing at the outset of her speech that is broadly true, and therefore disconcerting.

As we put skis through their paces, the conditions went from heavy pow to heaps of slop to frozen ocean, each of which a disconcerting number of skis seemed to shudder on.

"To such a place as that I would go alone,—or with her," said the boy, his disconcerting gaze fixed on the other's face.

He leaned on his stick, hat in hand, and the big blue eyes of the young man rested upon him with disconcerting gravity.

He half expected one of those disconcerting thought answers from Dalgard.

I know from experience how disconcerting it is to ride into the zone of fire, and walking must be much worse.

"Well, of course the aim is to protect girls," Mrs. Bassett replied, conscious of a disconcerting acidity in her aunt's remark.

The young artist found his host extremely new and disconcerting; in his presence he felt both shy and awkward.

Still more extraordinary, the crowd behind observed a solemn and disconcerting silence.

He looked at it with surprise and discussed it with disconcerting frankness.