Discontent [noun]

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The United States, like many countries around the world, seems to have entered a period of broad and deep discontent.

Foreign actors, from Russia to China, can take advantage of social unrest, the digital age and human psychology to stir discontent — and potentially affect elections.

The US has been brought to this point by a long-term legitimacy crisis of the American elite, accompanied by rising levels of mass discontent and coercive state responses.

Much of this discontent is related to economic issues — some of them specific, like wage stagnation and the spike in healthcare and college costs.

Now that he’s facing re-election, his Democratic opponents are trying to direct the discontent in their direction, with some of them calling to fundamentally remake the American economy.

The seed of discontent was again germinating under the duplicity of the Spanish lay and clerical authorities.

The new forces controlled by mankind have been powerless as yet to remove want and destitution, hard work and social discontent.

Discontent was so widespread that the new general at once ordered all troops, save some three thousand, to leave the capital.

The vision itself is an outcome of that divine discontent which raises man above his environment.

Lannes secretly informed Bonaparte of the plans of those who led the discontent, and, in the words of Murat, "sold the cocoanut."