Discontented [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discontented:

Old Ripper, a talkative, discontented man, stopped and ventured to enter on his grievances.

God has apportioned to each their lot; and why should I feel envious and discontented, that the best lot did not fall to my share?

Eliza how discontented he has become with his nearest relatives, and even with his heirs.

In 1881, with other discontented generals, he assisted Sagasta in obtaining office.

The gossip of the neighbourhood had been no doubt a good deal roused; and Daphne, it seemed, was discontented.

Mr. Roebuck took the discontented inhabitants of the Mauritius under his protection.

They were discontented with themselves and with all around them, and looked upon all institutions as corrupt.

On being left alone, David and Marie exchanged discontented glances, for both felt that the first day had proved a failure.

He is gone discontented into France, they say, to enter a monastery; and now she is coming back again to her house in Kingstreet.

These are the days when the cattle become discontented with their pasture and begin to go on a rampage.