Discontentment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Discontentment:

They were three—Mr. Wakefield and Mr. Gould, and, to the great discontentment of the former, Mrs. Gould likewise.

Thereupon, the discontentment of Cary and one or two others became widespread.

Their discontentment shook the very air, and cold perspiration stood on our brows.

They are discontentment, and you will find that only in peace, if at all.

And so much of public envy or discontentment, and the difference thereof from private envy, which was handled in the first place.

Ours, on the whole, a worthy man, I have often pitied; though at other times he gave me cause enough for discontentment.

This, if it may be done without the Discontentment of my People, will be an unspeakable Contentment to me.

He had expected, he said, a general discontentment, and the money was to be expended as occasion offered.

There is no end to discontentment, and contentment is the highest happiness.

And in this point of view there is no dissatisfaction or discontentment with the construction of the world.