Discontinuance [noun]

Definition of Discontinuance:

stop, suspension of activity

Synonyms of Discontinuance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discontinuance:

Sentence/Example of Discontinuance:

Ready money can save by discount obtained under threat of discontinuance of trade; a threat futile in the mouths of the poor.

He well knew that the withdrawal of the barges meant not an abandonment, but merely a short discontinuance, of the attack.

The act further provided for the discontinuance or removal of the guardians at the discretion of the governor and council.

Thou shalt have it without any more discontinuance, release, or attournment.

A comparatively dense and vigorous new growth followed the discontinuance of this pernicious practice.

But the disorder as yet was not incurable,—its progress would gradually cease with the discontinuance of the venom.

But this discontinuance of Parliamentary life was not due merely to the new financial system of the Crown.

This practically asked for the discontinuance of the Freedmens Bureau as being superfluous.

An old woman deplored its discontinuance to the writer as a sign of the prevailing irreligion of the times.

A small balance due the government remained in the hands of Lincoln at the discontinuance of the office.