Discontinuing [verb]

Definition of Discontinuing:

prevent activity from going on

Synonyms of Discontinuing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discontinuing:

Sentence/Example of Discontinuing:

There is the same reason for discontinuing to obey a bad law as there is for annulling it and substituting for it a better.

The priests made an effort to acquire the control by discontinuing the monarchy.

Without discontinuing his hurried feeding of his smoldering piece, Shelby looked up.

I have been a reader of your paper for some time, but if this sort of thing continues I shall feel very much like discontinuing.

Raper heard the words without even discontinuing to write, and merely muttered a brief "Very well," in reply.

She did not know Grace had received the letter with its plea for discontinuing the friendly relationship.

Hurel smiled without discontinuing; the heavy steps of the waiters resounded over the flooring.

If there is an objection to discontinuing until the end of the year I will, of course, take it till then.

I think the suggestion you make, of discontinuing proceedings against Mr. McKee, a very proper one.

He remarked, that he continued to take a little snuff for about four months after discontinuing smoking and chewing.